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Antique Georgian English Glass Butter Dish/Candy Dish with Underplate

  • England, circa 1820
  • Dimensions: Bowl - 8 7/8 inches in height to top of finial, 6 3/4 inches in width Underplate - 7 1/2 inches in circumference

No table is fully set without beautiful glassware. Of all antique items, glassware is amongst the most cherished. A wonderful example of this is our Antique Georgian English Glass Butter/Candy Dish with Underplate. There is exceptional workmanship which is an elaborate diamond cut design. This is prevalent throughout all three pieces – the lid, body and underplate.

Acquiring a Glass Butter/Candy Dish like this can be quite difficult to find. As many Butter/Candy Dishes do not have underplates, we think that it is beneficial to have this extra piece. Being in wonderful condition makes this a definite plus!

Our Antique Georgian English Glass Butter/Candy Dish would be a welcome addition to any household. This piece of glassware is a perfect example of how an article can evolve over time. In the 19th century, this piece was used as a butter dish, and now it is predominately used for candy. How sparking it will always look on any table!

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