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American Bouillotte Lamp

  • United States, circa 1950
  • Dimensions: 17 3/4 tall, 5 3/4 base

An American brass and three candle arm Bouillotte Lamp with a lovely shade. This type of lamp was introduced in France in the late 1700’s as a result of the card game of bouillotte being played. The bouillotte lamp consists of a tole (metal) shade and a metal basket at the base. In these early stages, this shade can be lowered as the candles would burn down. The shade material was tole which is quite beneficial as it is not flammable. The base was used to catch the wax drippings as the candles burned down. As this lamp is practical, decorative and desirable it has been reworked through the past centuries. This American Bouillotte Lamp is a lovely example of a modern day version.

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