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Antique American Silver Fish Slice

  • Rhode Island, 1888 by Gorham
  • Dimensions: 11 1/2 inches in length

A fish slice is a wide flat blade with long holes in it used for lifting and turning food while cooking. It was originally a serving implement, shaped basically like a trowel, for use in serving and dividing fish at a dinner table. The earliest examples of fish slices were made about 1740.

This wonderful Antique American Silver Fish Slice is in the ‘Versailles’ pattern which was designed by Antoine Heller and patented in 1888. Inspired by the fountains at Versailles, this piece shows a female figure at the top holding a wreath. The detail work on the handle is exceptional and Antoine Heller was considered one of the foremost American silversmiths at that time. This stylish Antique American Silver Fish Slice is stamped with Gorham’s hallmarks as well as the word STERLING. Although this detail work may be too elaborate for some people’s tastes, we hope that people will appreciate the workmanship that is in this piece.