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Antique English Copeland Spode Pottery Platter

  • England, circa 1890 by Copeland Spode
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2 inches length by 13 1/2 inches width

Copeland Spode China and Pottery began with Josiah Spode apprenticing as a potter in the mid 1700’s. He eventually started his own pottery business making cream colored earthenware and whiteware. After developing transferware printing, he opened up a shop in London in 1778 with William Copeland apprenticing for him. At the turn of the century, Spode introduced BONE CHINA and in 1805, Josiah Spode II and William Copeland entered into partnership. By the early 1830’s, Copeland fully acquired the London business as well as a plant operation in Stoke – on – Trent. Today, this company is still flourishing and with its well known reputation, is still producing many desirable articles.

A handsome Antique English Copeland Spode Platter having a dark orange color on a white background. With this dark orange color and the large leaves of the Geranium plant (in the center), one would tend to think of the Fall although the pattern is named “Geranium”. Surrounding this center motif are bands of geometric designs ending in a white gadroon border. This platter is in lovely condition and shows very little wear.

On the back of the platter, the words ‘Copeland Spode late Geranium’ are marked in the same orange color as displayed in the front. There are also 3 impressed marks on the back which always enhances a piece.

Whether one wants to use this platter for a special occasion such as Thanksgiving or display it somewhere in your home, this Antique English Copeland Spode Pottery Platter is quite lovely in design and would look wonderful in any home.

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