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Antique English Porcelain Waste Bowl

  • England, circa 1850
  • Dimensions: 3 1/4 inches tall, 6 3/4 inches diameter

In Europe, a waste bowl or slop bowl is one of the components of a traditional tea set. Most waste bowls were in porcelain, but some were also made in silver. In the 18th century, they typically held about half a pint, with some room to spare. Bowls that did not have handles and that were of this size and shape were also used for drinking tea at breakfast.

This is an Antique English Porcelain hand painted Waste Bowl. On the outside of the bowl that has a white background, there are various gilt decorated designs. The interior of this waste bowl consists of cobalt blue, white and gilt all interspersed with one another. There are lovely bouquets of flowers comprising of pinks, yellows, whites, greens and lavenders. All of this helps make this a very pretty and decorative piece of English porcelain. This 19th century Antique English Porcelain Waste Bowl is in excellent condition as there are no chips, cracks or repairs on this piece.

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