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George II Antique English Silver Beer/Water Jug

  • London, 1746 by William Williams
  • Dimensions: 9 1/4 inches in height, Length from back of handle to tip of lip - 8 1/4 inches

The derivation of the word ‘jug’ is from the Middle English word ‘jugge’ used to describe a large rounded vessel. Jugs are generally used to hold and serve liquid and usually have a handle and narrow neck. Wealthy Ancient Greeks and Romans stored their wine and oil in silver jugs, such as this one, because the components of the jug would keep it clean, fresh and purified longer than in other articles. A Jug such as this one can be considered either a Beer or Water Jug. It might surprise most people that in wealthy society in England throughout the 18th and 19th century and even well into the 20th century, water was not really served at the table unlike today where it would be almost unthinkable. The major reason for this was the impurity of the water. Thus, large silver jugs of the 18th and 19th centuries, like this one, should really be described as beer jugs as this would have been what they contained.

A magnificent Antique George II Sterling Silver Beer/Water Jug. It has a plain baluster form residing on a circular spreading foot. The body of this impressive Beer/Water Jug is embellished with a bright cut engraved scrolling cartouche displaying a wonderful coat of arms. This exquisite Antique George II English Silver Beer/Water Jug is fitted with a cast sterling silver S scroll thumbpiece. The circular spreading foot is embellished with bands of decoration.

This exceptional Antique George II Sterling Silver Beer/Water Jug is truly a wonderful piece of silver and it is in pristine condition. The full hallmarks are struck on the underside of the base and all of them are very clear to the naked eye. Whether this Antique George II Sterling Silver Beer/Water Jug can be used for either water, beer or wine, it will look spectacular anywhere in your home.

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