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George III Antique English Silver Goblet

  • London, 1795 by Robert Sharp
  • Dimensions: Height - 6 1/2 inches to top, Diameter of Foot - 3 1/4 inches

Even though people sometimes think that a silver chalice and a silver goblet are the same, they are not. There are several differences between the two pieces. The first difference is the religious aspect. A chalice is decorated in a manner which denotes its ties to the Christian faith. Another difference between them is if a piece has a larger or wider base, it is a chalice and not a goblet. The shape of the cup also determines if it is a chalice or a goblet. A square or triangular shape is more likely an attribute of a chalice, whereas a goblet will often have a more rounded form.

The word goblet is actually derived from the Middle English word ‘gobelet’ meaning ‘cup’. The earliest known examples date back to the 15th century and are ecclesiastical in origin.

An Antique Silver Goblet is a type of drinking vessel consisting of a tapered body residing on a pedestal foot. A striking, Antique Silver Goblet, which has a circular bell shaped form on a plain stem with a spreading foot. The plain body of this Antique George III Silver Goblet is embellished with an engraved crest on one side. A gilt interior and a lovely thread edge border at the base, completes the look. Antique Silver Goblets have a place in the modern home and this particular one besides being in exceptional condition, is also a wonderful example.

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