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Antique Miniature Chinese Teapot

  • China circa 1860
  • Dimensions: Height to top of finial - 3 inches, Distance from spout to handle - 4 inches, Base - 3 inches

A charming Antique miniature 19th century Chinese Teapot in royal colors and designs that is a must for any lover of porcelain!! Yellow is the color that is predominately used in this teapot. Pink flowers and green swirls add to the design. Yellow is regarded as the most beautiful color of all. It is also the symbolic color of the five legendary emperors of ancient China. Yellow is considered the imperial color. It is thus used for emperors, royal palaces, altars and temples. It also represents being free from worldly cares.

On one side of this exquisite Antique miniature 19th century Chinese Teapot, there is a floral scene with a bird sitting on a branch on a white background. On the opposite side, there is a scene of a man and a woman in a courtyard also situated on a white background. The handle, spout, and finial are all decorated in gilt.

Miniature teapots are quite difficult to acquire which also makes them more appealing. Although this piece is a miniature, it is a perfect rendition of a larger teapot.

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