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Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife in Box

  • Sheffield, circa 1875
  • Dimensions: 10 3/8 inches in length

Bread and cake never tasted so good!! This delicate Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife is the perfect piece whether cutting bread or your favorite cake. Your table will be improved with this lovely antique serving piece.

An Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife having a bone handle. In terms of durability, bone is a sturdy material that can withstand regular use without showing a lot of wear and tear. Bone is generally very easy to grip and this knife is no exception.

Our Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife is quite charming in design. It features a blade with saw-like serrations along its cutting edge instead of a smooth edge. This acts just like a saw as it slices through food as you move the knife back and forth. To complete the look of this knife, there is a lovely intricate scroll design on the blade. Whether you are keeping this for yourself or giving it as a gift as it comes in a lovely box, it will certainly please whoever owns it.

This Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife is the pinnacle of good taste!!

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