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Antique English Silver 4 Piece Tea and Coffee Set

$5,500.00 for set
  • London, 1917 by Crichton Brothers
  • Dimensions: Tea Kettle with Stand - 14 inches tall, 10 inches from handle to spout Coffee Pot - 10 inches tall, 7 1/4 inches from handle to spout Teapot - 6 1/2 inches tall, 9 inches from handle to spout Waste Bowl - 3 1/2 inches tall

A wonderful Antique English Silver 4 Piece Tea and Coffee Set. Included in this very elegant set is the tea kettle and stand which is a nice feature to have. Tea Kettles were given their name due to the fact that they had a burner which contained spirits. These spirits would help form a flame under the kettle, keeping the device warm. As tea became so popular throughout Europe, the tea kettle was the natural outcome of the teapot. In general, tea kettles and stands are usually set on three or four legs. A tea kettle and stand would usually be brought out during formal dinner parties, providing a definite display of wealth and spectacle.

An exquisite Antique English Silver 4 Piece Tea and Coffee Set. This set is quite striking with its design. Decoration resonates near the top of each piece and consists of a chased band. This band has rims of brick and scrolling acanthus leaves flanking a cartouche which has a cherub face. Each piece features reed detailing and is mounted with wooden handles and finials. There is a monogram DAQ which is located below the detail work on all of the pieces. This English Silver Tea and Coffee Set is quite attractive in design, is in wonderful condition, and would look lovely in any setting.

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