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George III Antique English Silver Hinged Serving Slice

  • London, 1810 by William Eley, William Fearn and William Chawner
  • Dimensions: 11 1/2 inches in length

A superb George III Antique English Silver Hinged Serving Slice in the Hourglass pattern. This pattern was first produced around 1805 and was based on a French eighteenth-century design. It is a lovely combination of shells and scrolls, with an hourglass in the center. This pattern is similar but is simpler in design to the “King’s” pattern, which is also English.

Our George III Antique English Silver Hinged Serving Slice is beautifully made and is in excellent condition. The two blades are hinged together and can be easily opened by pressing the designated area on the handle. The hinge is fashioned so that the blades return to the crossed position when not in use. The blades are pierced to allow liquids to drain off. Originally, a piece like this would have been primarily used for serving fish. However, today it would be quite useful for meats, foul, and of course, fish.

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