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George IV Antique English Silver Sugar Tongs

  • London, 1827 by Thomas Shepherd
  • Dimensions: 5 3/4 inches long

Sterling silver sugar tongs have been used for hundreds of years as they are a sign of the prosperous and well-to-do in English, Scottish, and Irish cultures. They emerged on the scene in England in the 18th century and quickly were adapted by other countries. During the mid-1700’s, the tea market saw a considerable rise in popularity. As a result of this, the sugar market also became quite popular. With the advent of these two commodities, sugar tongs became a natural accessory. For the affluent, silver sugar tongs became an elegant and natural solution.

A very attractive pair of George IV Antique English Silver Sugar Tongs. Quite simple in design, nice and substantial to hold in the hand and of a good size. The hallmarks are quite legible and the sugar tongs are fully hallmarked. A lovely example of sugar tongs of the George IV era.