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Hungarian Porcelain Pitcher

  • Hungary, circa 1960
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches tall, 2 3/4 inches base

A very attractive Hungarian Porcelain Pitcher made by the Zsolnay Porcelain Company. For people who are not familiar with the company, they began making porcelain in Pecs, Hungary in 1853. They became quite popular and developed a stellar reputation very quickly. Thus they became one of the most renowned Hungarian companies at this time as they were producing both porcelain and stoneware goods. Showing their merchandise at the Vienna Woods Fair in 1873, clinched their fame and success. Besides their wonderful designs, the company had two major innovations. The first one is called eosin which is a glazing process. This results in the outcome known as iridescence. They used this process on all colors and objects which they produced. People loved this new look, the objects were beautiful and exciting, and the company thrived. This iridescence was used on so many pieces of porcelain that it helped propel the art nouveau period to be what it became – extremely popular and goods were in constant demand. The other innovation was pyrogranite which is a type of ornamental ceramics. This is a durable material which could be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Both decorative and functional, this certainly added and helped to their prestige. The company continued to thrive for many years; however, the Great Depression, both World Wars and communism caused their decline. By the 1980’s though, it began to function again and having gone through several private owners, Zsolnay is now operating with the same standards as it was in their prime.

This lovely Hungarian Porcelain Pitcher has a very attractive floral design consisting of large and small pink, yellow, lavender and blue flowers which resonate throughout the piece. Accentuated with gilt and set on a cream colored background highlights this piece. The pitcher is designed with a circular bulbous form on the bottom and is set on a circular collet style foot. There is a yellow colored thread edge border at the top of the bulbous area as well as the top of the water pitcher. A handle in the color of yellow finishes off this Hungarian Porcelain Pitcher.

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