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Nude With Pear Art Work

  • Massachusetts, circa 1995
  • Dimensions: 20 1/2 inches by 17 1/2 inches

This “Nude with Pear” by Tom Malley (1911 – 2000) is a wonderful example of working in many mediums. Tom considered himself first and foremost a painter. However it is his Field Gallery in West Tisbury, Massachusetts where you would and still are able to find his iconic and larger than life-size whimsical sculptures that he is most famous for. Tom opened this gallery in 1971 with three other artists. Eventually, as the gallery developed and became quite well known, they also decided to include other artists. Driving down the road, one would always know when they are approaching the gallery as they can see several of his large sculptures dancing and frollicking on the lawn. Tom considered these sculptures to be joyful odes to life. In 1990, he  produced a book of his sculptures with musings by several of his friends who also lived on Martha’s Vineyard.

This “Nude with Pear” is quite special. Tom carried out his love of producing art with humor and wit. In this instance, he used mixed media on paper to produce this nude woman with her piece of fruit. With bright colors which include pinks, blues, greens, reds as well as black, Tom made his subject very pleasing. Rounded geometric forms – flowers in the background and apples on the pillow – as well as the woman’s curly hair offer a sharp contrast to the straight lines of the woman’s body. This “Nude with Pear” is quite unique and we are thrilled to have acquired this piece.

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