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Pair of Antique Chinese Rose Medallion Vases

$975.00 for pair
  • China, circa 1850
  • Dimensions: 7 inches tall

A charming pair of 19th century Rose Medallion Vases that are truly rare to find in this condition. Rose Medallion is a distinctive design with four or more panels of decoration. This is usually shown in that half of these panels have people in different settings and the other panels are of floral and fauna.

This pair of Antique Rose Medallion Vases have four panels. Bold colors that are remarkably well preserved, is due to the hand-painting and glazing techniques of the master porcelain artists of this period. This follows the above description regarding two panels of people and two panels of floral and fauna. These vases are in pristine condition and the colors pinks, blues, oranges, green, gilt and black are set on a white background. The size of these vases is quite appealing as they can find a ‘happy’ space in any ones’ home.