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Pair of Antique George III English Silver Oval Salt Cellars

$1,375.00 for pair
  • London, 1771 by David and Robert Hennell
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches height, 3 1/4 inches length

Silver Salt Cellars have been in existence for thousands of years all over the world. Salt as a commodity was extremely valuable. Its main purpose was to preserve and flavor food.

In England, standing salts were owned by the wealthy class and were always placed on and in the middle of the table. Also, at this time in the 18th century, pairs or sets of four salts (and occasionally larger sets) were common. The varieties of shapes and sizes expanded rapidly throughout the eighteenth century culminating in many exciting and wonderful creations. There were specialist salt cellar makers at this time. Some of them were Edward Wood and David and Robert Hennell to name a few.

An elegant pair of Antique George III English Silver Oval Salt Cellars. They are made by London father and son silversmith team David Hennell I (1712-1785) and Robert Hennell I (1741-1811). Having a very attractive pierced decoration that resonates throughout the body, these Antique George III Silver Oval Salt Cellars show beautifully against their original cobalt blue glass liners. They have a lovely classical style with their gadroon shaped borders and reside on 4 ball and claw feet. They are in excellent condition.

To learn more about David and Robert Hennell, please refer back to Great Silversmiths under the Antique Silver section.

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