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Set of 4 American Silver Pepper Casters

$1,000.00 set of 4 or $550.00 for pair
  • Massachusetts, circa 1930 by Arthur Stone
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2 inches in height for pair, 4 3/8 inches in height for pair

A very attractive set of 4 20th century American Silver Pepper Casters made by Arthur Stone. They are designed in a plain oval form and are set on an oval reeded spreading foot. The covers have hand-pierced lids. This makes it easy to refill as well as to dispense pepper. Also, Arthur Stone’s trade mark is easily recognized. It has an “A” for Arthur in the form of a hammer with the handle extending through the name “Stone”. Each of his craftsmen employed by him also signed their work in their name. Two of his craftsmen worked on these pieces as their initials are stamped underneath the “sterling” label of the crafted piece.  Two are marked with an initial C and the other 2 pepper casters are marked with an initial G. Thus, we are selling them either as a set of 4 or 2 pairs – whatever a customer would like. As Arthur Stone (see Great Silversmiths section) is highly regarded for the fine hand wrought silver produced by him personally and the workshop he started in 1901, these are a lovely example of his work.