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20th Century Silver Wine Related Articles

Alcohol has its roots in ancient history. The Chinese considered alcohol as spiritual food. Wine was only available to the middle and ruling classes during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Lifestyle, consumption of goods, clothing as well as alcohol became a way to display taste as well as wealth. Beginning in the 1820s, import and export duties started to take effect (although not fully enforced until the 1840s). This created a massive influx of wine into Britain. Also, in England, drinking water was not commonly available until the late 19th century and so beer and wine were consumed as a substitute for water.

Over the centuries and even now, drinking has played an important role in increasing the enjoyment of life. Not only as a social pleasure and an aid for relaxation, it also greatly enhances the pleasure of eating.

In this section, we have a lovely selection of wine related articles such as cups, goblets, wine coasters, wine labels and wine tasters.

Pair of American Sterling Silver Beakers


A silver beaker is a drinking vessel, most commonly with a cylindrical body. Beakers generally forgo handles or a lid and are very similar in shape and style as to what is now referred to as a tumbler. During the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, …

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Set of 4 American Sterling Silver Tumbler Cups


The name “tumbler” is traced to the mid – 17th Century. A tumbler is a stem-less, often flat-bottomed drinking vessel which is typically taller than 3 inches. When filled with wine, this curved and heavier base allowed the cup to tumble from side to side …

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Italian Silver Wine Coaster


The term ‘coaster’ was first recognized in 1887. Prior to that, a wine coaster was either called a ‘stand’ or ‘slider’. These words were derived from the custom that, after finishing dinner, the cloth was removed from the table and as the ladies withdrew to …

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English Silver Wine Funnel


Wine Funnels were developed towards the end of the 17th century as they were a necessity for decanting wines from the bottle to a decanter. They are typically made in two halves which are fitted together and it has a removable pierced silver strainer. The …

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