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2 George III Antique English Silver Skewers/Letter Openers

$425.00 (top in photo) and $450.00 (bottom in photo)
  • London, 1807 by Thomas James London, 1808 by Thomas Bowen II
  • Dimensions: 13 7/8 inches in length, 11 3/4 inches in length

The Georgian Silver Skewer was introduced during the mid 19th Century. Silver skewers were both decorative and functional. They were predominately used to serve meat and poultry in a nice elegant, refined way at the table. The skewers held the joints in place while the meat was being carved. In general, larger skewers were used for beef and veal joints, while the smaller ones were used for poultry. There are very few skewers that have survived (in good condition with legible hallmarks) prior to 1745. The majority of them that you can acquire date between the 1760s and the 1840s.

Skewers are very similar in design apart from those having ornamental rings or tops. Over the years, they have been used as letter openers and this is their function today.

A very handsome Antique George III Regency Period Sterling Silver Skewer (shown top in photos 1 and 2) also photos 3 and 4. It is quite simple and elegant in design having hallmarks that are quite clear near the ring handle.

A fine Antique George III Sterling Silver Skewer (shown bottom in photos 1 and 2) also photo 5. Please note that this skewer does have a monogram on one side of the piece and on the other side are the hallmarks which are right near the ring handle. With the size of this skewer, (11 3/4 inches in length) it becomes quite useful as a letter opener. Either one of these letter openers can be considered as a very nice Father’s Day gift or perhaps for personal indulgence.

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