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Antique George III English Silver Marrow Scoop

  • London, 1783 by George Smith 111
  • Dimensions: 9 inches long

A very elegant Antique George III English Silver Marrow Scoop. In the 1680’s, the marrow spoon was introduced and it had a rounded spoon at one end and then a marrow scoop at the other.  Soon, this marrow spoon evolved into the marrow scoop. This meant that the spoon gradually became an elongated scoop, which typically had a narrower scoop at the other end. This made it easier to remove the marrow from the bone. During the reign of Queen Anne, marrow was considered a luxury that only the affluent in society could afford. The marrow scoop was made in great profusion to match the upper class’ appetite for elaborate dishes. Bone marrow is used in many dishes of European cuisines. One example of this is Italian ossobucco which is braised veal shanks. Today, it is still a delicacy used in many restaurants around the world.

This handsome Antique George III English Silver Marrow Scoop has a feather edge decoration to the center. This is a very traditional design. The hallmarks are very clear and it is in excellent condition. Today, marrow scoops can be located in large antique flatware sets and are also sold as individual pieces. Marrow scoops can now be used as drink stirrers as one will often see them in a highball mixer.

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