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Antique American Silver Bowl

  • New York, circa 1900 by Whiting and Company
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4 inches height, 6 3/4 inches diameter

Decoration on silver bowls varies depending upon when the piece was made. Many bowls were decorated with hand-chasing or engraving to reflect what they were used for e.g. flowers, fruit. However, there are some common styles that have been quite popular throughout history. These include: engraving, chasing, openwork and repousse.

Repousse is an intricate detail and ornamental design used on sterling silver, thin copper and other metals. Repousse designed pieces of silver are done by a metalwork technique. This consists of the hammering and shaping of malleable metal by hand on the reverse side of the piece. The expression, design and uniqueness of repousse makes any item created with that technique, a very unusual piece that is highly desired by collectors. In fact, it is a skilled technique that dates back for thousands of years. The repousse technique became extremely popular with mid-19th century American silver makers, especially those working in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Out of Baltimore, emerged a number of silver manufacturing companies such as S. Kirk and Sons, Jenkins and Jenkins, Stieff and Company and Schofield Company who produced a range of highly ornate tableware and holloware in the Repousse style.

A very attractive Antique American Silver Bowl. Repousse work is exemplified quite well on this piece. The bowl has a wide band of high relief multi-floral and chased decoration that is featured throughout this piece.

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