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Antique Chinese Rose Mandarin Creamer

  • China, circa 1850
  • Dimensions: 2 3/4 inches tall, 5 1/4 inches in length from end of snout to handle

A very sweet 19th century Antique Chinese Rose Mandarin Creamer. One of the attributes that makes this piece quite special is that the creamer has a snout nose which is what the pouring section is called. Due to the shape of the creamer and the placement underneath the spout, the workmanship becomes more intricate and thus more impressive. A thin border of green leaves and pink flowers encompasses the figural scene which depicts 4 people in an outside courtyard. This scene is quite intricate and the colors are quite vibrant with exceptional workmanship. The rest of the creamer is hand painted with colorful leaves and flowers including peonies as well as fruits, butterflies and carp. Colors are very vibrant throughout this whole piece and show up quite well on the white background. In addition to pinks, greens, blues, blacks and oranges, the colors of apricot, bright yellow and intense blue are also used. A lovely shade of gilt on the handle completes this lovely diminutive Antique Chinese Rose Mandarin Creamer. Whether this creamer is used or just residing on a shelf, table or in a cabinet, this is definitely a piece to be admired!!

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