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Antique Coin Silver Creamer and Sugar Bowl

  • New York, circa 1870
  • Dimensions: Creamer - Height - 4 1/2 inches, Spout to handle - 2 1/2 inches Sugar Bowl - Height - 3 1/2 inches to top of handle, Handle to handle - 4 1/2 inches

A charming Antique Coin Silver Creamer and Sugar Bowl which are in the Arts and Crafts style.

Coin Silver is different from Sterling Silver which most people are familiar with. Coin Silver is a type of metal that makes up silver dollars and other pieces of silver currency. It’s a standardized alloy that is comprised of a very limited number of non – silver metals like copper and nickel. In the United States, coin silver must be at least .900 fine which means that it can not contain less than 90 percent pure silver. Since the year 1906, most pieces are stamped with either “coin,” “dollar,” “standard,” or “premium.”

The Arts and Crafts style was created during the 1860’s. It was considered to be a reaction to the rise of industrialization that was occurring in the United Kingdom. The emphasis was on the natural materials that were used to make pieces of art and anything which involved skilled craftmanship such as silverware. The simplistic forms and shapes that were used were the distinguishing features of the Arts and Crafts style. It is said that the Arts and Crafts movement took inspiration from medieval and romantic designs.

Arts and Crafts antique silver such as this wonderful Creamer and Sugar Bowl are highly collectible. It is sought after, not only for its beauty but also because of the fame that this art movement achieved. The handle on the creamer and the handles on the sugar bowl are quite special and distinctive on this set.

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