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Antique English Mason’s Ironstone Jug

  • England, circa 1840
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches height, 6 3/4 inches from handle to spout

Mason’s Ironstone Jugs are always a favorite with the collectors, admirers, and enthusiasts of English Porcelain and Ironstone. These Jugs/Pitchers were used for milk, water and beer. The sizes can vary from the smallest being approximately 1 3/4 inches in height to as large as 13 inches in height. Ironstone Jugs were made in different colors and patterns and it is always nice to acquire interesting and colorful ones.

Our Antique Mason’s Ironstone Jug is one of the rarer patterns that was produced at that time. It is quite appealing with its richly decorated design. Showing a group of people in various settings – one person playing an instrument, one serving tea and others are conversing. In the background are wonderful depictions of birds, flowers, leaves, and pagodas. A bright orange/red color is predominant as well as various shades of green. The loop handle is cream colored and is decorated with various shades of green flowers and leaves. Three scenes are featured in this wonderful Jug/Pitcher and all are shown within a scrolling design. Truly, a lovely and interesting piece!

Our Antique Mason’s Ironstone Jug/Pitcher is not marked on the bottom. Please note that there were many pieces of Ironstone that were not specifically marked. The main reason is that these pieces were part of a larger set and many of them were not marked at that time.

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