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Antique Victorian Plate Toast Rack

  • Sheffield, circa 1880
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches tall, 6 3/4 inches length

The first Toast Rack was invented around the 1770’s, although the exact date or manufacturer is not known. Most likely, it was an inventor who came up with the idea. Whatever the case, it was quickly copied and never patented which is why the actual origin is lost to history.

Toast Racks have become quite popular in homes around the world. They have long been cherished for their beauty as well as functional design.

The Toast Rack was used at the start of the day – for breakfast. A toast rack has vertical partitions that are connected to a base (usually ranging from 5 to 8). The gaps between the partitions is where the toast is set so that it is easily accessible. A handle at the top is present on many toast racks which allows them to be brought to the table and then easily passed around.

A handsome and very stylish Antique Victorian Silver Plate Toast Rack. Quite elegant in design and having six partitions which allows six pieces of toast to be used. Although a toast rack can be used for serving toast every morning, its function (like so many other antique pieces) has evolved over time. Its primary function today for both men and women is to be used as letter holders for the home or the office.


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