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Hungarian Pottery Flask


A wonderful vibrant green colored 20th century Hungarian Pottery Flask. The workmanship on this piece is quite intricate as well as interesting and it resonates throughout the piece. Hungarian writing is on 1 side of the flask telling a fable and a floral design is …

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English Silver Plate Mug


A very attractive and elegant English Silver Plate Mug that is a copy of an early George 1st style. It has a tapered body with a scroll handle. This lovely English Silver Plate Mug makes a lovely gift and therefore, we have purchased several others …

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Pair of Antique English Papier Mache Napkin Rings

$325.00 for pair

A lovely pair of 19th century English Black Papier – Mache Napkin Rings. There is a very pretty floral design in mother of pearl that resonates on each one. The mother of pearl colors are pink and blue as well as the traditional white and …

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French Tole Water Pump


A 20th century French Tole Water Pump that is a lovely replica of an early one. The intricacy of the workmanship is quite accurate and very good. There is a hook to hang the bucket when it is not being used to collect water and …

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Art Nouveau English Sterling Silver Photo Frame


The Art Nouveau movement flourished in France and Britain in the early 1880’s. Very quickly, the movement became a dominant aesthetic style in Western Europe and the United States. It featured rapid social and technological change as industrialization, mass production, and urbanization accelerated. It was …

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American Bouillotte Lamp


An American brass and three candle arm Bouillotte Lamp with a lovely shade. This type of lamp was introduced in France in the late 1700’s as a result of the card game of bouillotte being played. The bouillotte lamp consists of a tole (metal) shade …

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American Sterling Silver Porringer


The porringer can be traced back to the 1600’s where it evolved from its predecessor – the silver posset cup. These two items are very similar in styles. The main difference though is that porringers generally do not have covers while posset cups do. This …

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Pair of Antique Chinese Papier Mache Cups

$475.00 for pair

A wonderful pair of 19th century Chinese Black Papier Mache cups in a tea bowl shape. A lovely chinoiserie design resonates throughout each cup as it depicts people in different scenes with various landscapes. Mother of pearl colors used are white, pink, blue and green …

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Antique English Mason’s Ironstone Jug


Mason’s Ironstone Jugs are always a favorite with the collectors, admirers, and enthusiasts of English Porcelain and Ironstone. These Jugs/Pitchers were used for milk, water and beer. The sizes can vary from the smallest being approximately 1 3/4 inches in height to as large as …

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Antique Arts & Crafts English Glass Vase


The Arts and Crafts movement came about as a reaction to industrialization and mass production. The designers were also against the extravagant, and over-decorated Victorian taste. They wanted to focus on good simple designs. Also, a return to hand crafted work of the highest standard …

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Antique English Mason’s Ironstone Jug


A fine stoneware, called Ironstone China, was introduced in England in the early 19th century. It was patented by Charles James Mason (1791-1856) under the name “Mason’s Patent Ironstone China”. There is no iron in ironstone, and it is not porcelain or made in China. …

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