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Antique Victorian Silver Plate Serving Pieces

Antique Victorian Plate Sauce Ladle


An elegant Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladle that is decorated in the ‘Old English’ pattern. It is quite plain in style with a rounded terminal and a single drop to the reverse of the bowl. This was the most commonly produced pattern during the …

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Antique Victorian Plate Stuffing Spoon


A handsome Antique Victorian Silver Plate Stuffing Spoon that is decorated in the ‘Fiddle’ pattern. Dominant throughout the nineteenth century, the ‘Fiddle’ pattern was the most popular one in tableware. Originating in France, it first appeared in England during the 1760’s. The production of plain …

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Antique Victorian Plate Soup Ladle


A very stylish Antique Victorian Silver Plate Soup Ladle that is decorated in the ‘Fiddle Thread and Shell’ pattern. The pattern is a timeless design from the English Regency period as it has a delicate thread edge border and a distinctive shell design. This Antique …

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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Sauce Ladles

$350.00 for pair

A lovely pair of Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladles in the Bead pattern. This pattern is known as Old English Bead which was created by the pre-eminent English female silversmith, Hester Bateman. Her late 18th century pieces featured a simple and elegant beaded border …

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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Berry Spoons in a Case


Berry Spoons dating back to the mid-19th century, show fruits and flowers elaborately chased on the bowls and depicted on the handles leaving no doubt as to their intended purpose. They are wonderful spoons to bring out and use for desserts such as fruits and …

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Antique Victorian Plate Dessert Set

$1,850.00 for set

In the late 19th century, sets of flatware with Mother of Pearl handles became popular and they are often found in their original boxes. Cutlery handles made from real Mother of Pearl shell occasionally have a slight variation in grain and size. However, that does …

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