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George III Antique English Silver Sugar Tongs


For as long as tea has existed in the Western world, it has been sweetened with sugar. Covered sugar bowls were often sold along with teapots and tea caddies during the early 1700s. The rules of etiquette dictated that sugar tongs were also required to …

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Silver Plate Sauce Boat with Underplate


A very elegant American Silver Plate Sauce Boat with an attached oval shaped Underplate. The Sauce Boat has a scroll handle and a thread edge border. The thread edge border is duplicated on the Underplate.

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Italian Silver Plate Water Pitcher


We are thrilled to have recently acquired again this elegant Italian Silver Plated Water Pitcher. Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, we used to sell this Water Pitcher extremely well in our New York City store. It is quite simple in design with …

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Antique Victorian Plate Asparagus Tongs


Even though Asparagus was introduced to England during the sixteenth century, it did not become popular there until the early eighteenth century. This was because asparagus was now considered an exotic and an interesting accompaniment to other dishes. Serving Tongs for asparagus first started to …

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Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife in Box


Bread and cake never tasted so good!! This delicate Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife is the perfect piece whether cutting bread or your favorite cake. Your table will be improved with this lovely antique serving piece. An Antique Victorian Plate Bread/Cake Knife having a bone …

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2 George III Antique English Silver Skewers/Letter Openers

$425.00 (top in photo) and $450.00 (bottom in photo)

The Georgian Silver Skewer was introduced during the mid 19th Century. Silver skewers were both decorative and functional. They were predominately used to serve meat and poultry in a nice elegant, refined way at the table. The skewers held the joints in place while the …

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Antique Victorian Plate Toast Rack


First recorded in the late 1770’s, toast racks first appeared on breakfast tables. As dining habits became more refined, toast racks became very popular and within a very short time, were seen in more and more homes. Thus, not only being utilitarian, they also became …

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English Silver Marrow Scoop


During the 1600’s, etiquette at dinner parties was becoming more formal. Forks began to appear on the dining table to aid people when eating – allowing for a less hands-on approach! However, the fork could only do so much. It was in the 1680’s when …

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Antique Victorian Plate Asparagus Tongs


Asparagus did not become popular as a vegetable in England until the early 18th century. This popularity was due to asparagus being considered an exotic accompaniment for other dishes. Thus, Asparagus Tongs became the acceptable item at the dinner table during the Victorian era. This …

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